28th Expeditionary Aviation Brigade Continues Mission in the Middle East

Cory Angell - PA VFW News - 12/3/2020

More than 1,000 members with the 28th ECAB continue their mission through out the Middle east by providing aviation assets in the region and coordinating their use.
"We coordinate all air assets in theater," said Col. Howard Lloyd, commander 28th ECAB. "I am proud of the soldiers and the great job they are doing. We expect to retirn sometime late in 2021.
It turns out Lloyd is a member of the VFW an and avid supporter.
"We received care packages from posts and even got some from the state headquarters with some VFW hats in them. I think its an honor to be a member and I think a lot of these Solders will want to join when they return. We do serve in hostile fire areas and many will be eligible."