Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hill, from the sky. All is well. Safely rest. God is nigh.


Almighty God, with reverence and love, we gather here today to

Honor our departed Comrade.

Make us mindful of his faithful service to God and Country.

Lord bless our faithful Comrade and lead him to his rest.

He served our Nation.  He served and passed the test.

This Veteran was precious to our Country, one who heard the call.

He served to keep this nation free and served us all.

Now we come to pay respect to this honored Veteran.

In praising him, we praise them all who fought with sword and gun.

Farewell to you, we leave you here.  Our debt to you is vast.

To you and every Veteran our gratitude will last.

Sleep here brave one, your Nation bids you well.

You have earned your place in paradise, now rest where heroes dwell.

Three times the last command rang out, three times the shots

broke the lull and a bugler sounded taps.



Daniel Monaghan

- Marines

Alfred Almasy Sr

- Army

Robert Pirohovich

- Army

Steven Novalk

- Air Force

Nicholas Steri Jr

- Navy

Muryl Byrge

- Air Force

John Zebroski

- Army

Robert Tafelski

- Army

Guido Batista

- Marines

John "Jack" Yuknavich

- Navy

Robert "Fuzzy" Monyak

- Navy

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