Front Line Workers Day Feb. 20

- 1/15/2021

HARRISBURG,PA (Jan. 15, 2021)- Pennsylvania State VFW Commander Ronald J. Peters signed a proclamation setting Feb. 20, 2021 as Front Line Workers Day.
"I thought it was important that we recognize all the front line workers in some way across the state of Pennsylvania," said Peters.  "The past year has put a great strain on all these different people that have responded to COVID-19 and civil unrest."
Peters said his intent is to encourage VFW Post across the state to do something for a front line worker or workers.
"I don't want to tell people what to do because each community is different," said Peters. I want to encourage our membership to do something in support of these front line workers."
Peters announcement was timely with the Pennsylvania National Guard sending a 1,000 troops to Washington D.C. the day before to join 1,000 from Pennsylvania already in D.C. Another 1,500 are being called to duty in Pennsylvania and they also continue to respond to the COVID mission.
"This is all inclusive and people can get creative," said Peters. "I would really like to see some recognition given to all these wonderful people."